The restaurant, located on the top floor of the hotel «Plaza». Everything in it is original, but at the same time easy and safe. A large hall, elegant furniture, white starched napkins will help immerse yourself in an atmosphere of calm and measured. Looking at sailing outside scenery, everyone here can feel that the world revolves around him. The menu includes popular dishes of European, Caucasian and original cuisine in an upscale version of the chef.
      The restaurant - a vivid example of the harmony of form and content. It's so nice to have a business meeting with key partners, to acquaint guests with cuisine, just to have dinner with a loved one, to celebrate a wedding anniversary or a luxury. The whole atmosphere is conducive to leisurely and intimate conversation. The restaurant combines the sophistication and unique atmosphere. Center of gravity of guests - a stylish restaurant with 400 seats. Open porch designed for those who want to escape from the sweltering summer bustle of the city. Here you can enjoy the most delicious dishes and enjoy a breath of fresh soft breeze.