The restaurant, is located on the most top floor of Plaza hotel complex. In it everything is original, but at the same time it is simple and convenient. The spacious hall, graceful furniture, the snow-white starched napkins, will help to plunge into the rest and regularity atmosphere.
Beauty and health center
It is modern salon of the European level. We have everything that treats beauty, an esthetics, harmony of soul and a body. We invite to plunge into the world of a relax, pleasure, careful leaving and care of. Our salon possesses a wide set of the first class equipment for clarification, treatment and skin rejuvenation.
Bar, coffee house
«Coffee House», really it is possible to call a brand the ancestor of the Russian coffee houses. The idea of creation was born in one of coffee houses of Milan. Constantly developing and being improved, Coffee House opens all new coffee houses in Russia and Volgograd. These network coffee houses made espresso a product of step-by-step availability.